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Bonsaje té nejvyšší kvality najdete v Bonsai Centru Isabelia.
Přijďte nás navštívit do Starého Města u Uherského Hradiště i Vy.
Z nabídky naších bonsají si vyberou i ti nejnáročnější.
Navštivte také naši kamenou prodejnu s širokým
sortimentem zboží pro úpravu bonsai, literatůru,
dekorační předměty, suiseki, čaje a další.
Zpestřete si návštěvu bonsai centra Isabelia
prohlídkou naší ukázkové japonské zahrady.
Poradíme vám s výběrem bonsaje.
Provadíme přesazování, úpravy a další.
Široký výběr bonsajových misek.
Ruční či tovární výroba.
Misky moderní, tradiční, užitkové a další.
Pestrý výběr z Jamadori těch nejbizarnějších tvarů a mnoha druhů.
  • 100 Pines . . .

  • We are prepared this project because, we selected a collection of one hundred pieces of pine (Pinus Silvestris) showed the candidates about this in our most popular wood creating a bonsai, its diversity and beauty.

    The number of plants is in my opinion sufficient to present a variety of forms of pine on the all possible habitats throughout Europe. We have represented here the plants from the Pyrenees, Carpathians, Tatras, the Alps, or in terms of the geographical site it in Spain, France, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, and or in the distant Scandinavia, beyond the Arctic circle.

    These plants are valuable in that they come from sites on which would have been due to the construction of roads, highways, cars and forest fire corridors or destroyed. We managed to save them, and that they are more valuable for us.

    The aim of this project, which is unprecedented in the bonsai Europe, is not only to create a unique collection of plants with philosophical overtones, but also attempt to show how variable pine can be. At different sites is always look different, have different habitus or ways of branching and the difference is also in athletes or the size and form of the needles.

    And because Pinus Silvestris it is the most commonly shaped plant material, at the same time we want all interested parties about growing Bonsai Show a variety of bonsai styles, in which pine shape (bunjin, double trunk, triple trunk, freely erect, Cascade, semi cascade, tuft or highly creative and artistic form).

    Another interesting feature of this project is the fact that for the shaping of these jamadori we want to take advantage of the cooperation with many world and European demonstrators. Those for us to center of the Museum of the Isabelia Bonsai in the Staré Město there are regularly rides, all personally known and on many levels, I. Just at random, I named the legend of Italian bonsai scene, Salvatore Liporace, or English, Spanish, or Korean demonstrators.

    In the process of transformation of these plants, but can also involve the bonsai community. If someone is interested and arrive into our bonsai Center, of course, for him to find a job commensurate with his skills. And if someone's on the practical part of the shaping or maintenance of the plant didn't work, it may allow your imagination and help search some poetic names for individual trees. Our goal is to ensure that each project involved in the pine Pine Line Isabelia has its unique name, which will be the best characterized.

    Project 100 pine trees is a unique and new act that combines not only matters relating to the cultivation of a bonsai, jamadori pick up, the assessment of the nature of the plants from certain areas or assigning the most appropriate form of each tree. In the future will also be meeting place for those which bonsai creation and particularly pines, enchant. And if meeting above the common theme more people grow their difference of Exchange in the areas of solutions for many other questions, which is further converging. And that in the preparation of this project was. Through ordinary pine forest growers across bonsai Europe converge and maybe even around the world ...

    Josef Valuch 2014

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